You can never predict when you might be faced with a life or death situation. But if it comes to it, we want to make sure you have the skills and confidence to be the difference between a life lost and a life saved.
?? Did you know, over 85% of people don’t know what CPR is and have no knowledge on administering it or FIRST AID ?
This means YOU ARE MOST LIKELY TO DIE in an emergency / accident due to someone’s ignorance and chances are YOU TOO might be the reason why someone dies when you could have saved their life.
Today our ignorance has turned us into helpless bystanders more worried about taking live pictures and videos of the scene than actually administering help. Even worse, over 70% of people don’t know what their emergency contacts in Cameroon are.
On Saturday 13th/10/2018, Happy Mother Happy Child officially launched her First Aid and CPR Awareness Campaign under the theme “Every Second Counts”, educating youths and parents on the importance and benefits of knowing First Aid and CPR and providing them basic First Aid tips– because even the most simple skills can save a life.
Officially launched on Saturday 13th October 2019, the awareness campaign is planned to run for 2 months across 5 regions of Cameroon before the Official TRAINING SESSION begins in January 2019. Its time to make a difference, Learn First Aid and CPR, be a Life Saver.
Our Goal is to reach at least 10,000 Cameroonian youths and 5000 parents across the regions, educate them on the importance and benefits of knowing First Aid and CPR and most importantly get them all registered for the Training by the end of the awareness campaign. #EverySecondCounts

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