The Question:
If you happen to witness a family member, friend or neighbour in an emergency state, would you know what to do? Do you know over 85% of Cameroonians don’t know what Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is and have no knowledge on administering it or FIRST AID ?
Although some Cameroonians say they would recognize the signs if someone were experiencing a heart attack or another life threatening emergency, fewer than half say they have the skills needed to help in common life-threatening emergencies.
Today our ignorance has turned us into helpless bystanders, more worried about taking live pictures and videos of an accident scene for social media rather than actually administering help in emergencies.                     In response, HAPPY MOTHER HAPPY CHILD Organization has embarked on a nation wide First Aid and CPR public awareness campaign under the team “Every Second Counts”. The Campaign began in Douala, on the 13th/10/2018, and is to run through 4 regions in Cameroon, so far we have been able to cover 3 regions (Littoral, Central, Northwest ) and reach out to about 1000 people, amongst which are deaf and dumb, thanks to our volunteer translators who helped them have a full understanding of the program and a eager to take the training.

They too deserve to be sitting on the table of change makers, they too can save lives, the moment of change is now and It is an INCLUSIVE Change!

HMHC is working with a group of renounced Medical Doctors and Certified First Aid trainers to achieve her goal. HMHC is working with other organizations to successfully carry out her program in the various regions. In Yaounde, Central Region, HMHC partnered with the SHEMKA FOUNDATION, in Bamenda, Littoral region, HMHC partnered with Girls Allowed In. Our Focus is to educate, empower, train and equip youths, parents, children and people with disabilities on the importance and benefits of knowing First Aid and CPR and how the skills they will acquire can be used to save lives in emergencies. Upon completion of the Campaign by December, the full training is planned to begin in January 2019 and is to run for 5 months across 4 regions.


We believe that every trained individual contributes to safer families, work environments and communities. Our goal is to end preventable deaths and reduce mortality rate in Cameroon by 40% by 2020.


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