“Every Second Counts”
Happy Mother Happy Child and GREEN Farmlands Partnered with the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders Cameroon to implement the Alma Mater Outreach Project Douala under the theme “Every Second Counts”.

With the students facing crossroads at every other turn and unable to choose what’s best for them due to a lack of insight into how things would actually materialize with each road that they choose to take, it becomes crucial that they get advice from people who have faced the very same crossroads in their student life and the big bad competitive world beyond it.

The Alma Mater Outreach uses Alumni of the YALI with their vast repository of personal and professional experiences/exposure to help improve insight among students into so many diverse aspects of life which include academics, entrepreneurship, extracurriculars, the professional life after college or the general way of life.
On Tuesday 21/05/2019, Atim Mbah founder of @Green Farmlands and Ngweka Queen founder of Happy Mother Happy Child both Alumni’s of the Mandela Washington Fellowship with support from volunteers like Martha A. Besong and Primos M Kenah championed the Alma Mater Outreach program in College Laval Douala under the theme “Every Second Counts”. They targeted lower sixth students in the college. The Alumni’s shared their stories how they got involved in Social entrepreneurship and community development, they shared their experience and knowledge from the Mandela Washington Fellowship and how the fellowship improved their skills and the various problems they are solving in their communities. The students were drilled on how to get good mentors, volunteer and serve their communities. The fellows provided the students with the encouragement and insights they need to get a great start to their careers and begin to set a course for the future. Most importantly they were given entrepreneurship lessons and encouraged to think beyond school, because Every Second Counts. The students received in-depth explanations on US Exchange Programs and how they can apply and participate in these programs. A total of about 60 lower sixth students of the institution have been empowered to go out and use the long holiday and beyond to impact their communities and portray characteristics of Servant leaders. To crown the day, a Yali club was introduced in the school for the students to engage in upon their return from the long holiday.

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