2nd Sunday of May is celebrated as international Mother’s Day, a day dedicated to thanking mothers for their tireless efforts, contributions, unconditional love, and sometimes completely unnecessary sacrifices. Mother’s Day 2020, A Mother’s Day like no other! ??

What would Mother’s Day be without a little sweetness and love ? But then again, what would Mother’s Day mean if only a select few get to celebrate and others don’t ?
In moments like these where everyone’s strength and resilience are tested, and especially mothers who have to play 1million and 1 roles; we want to say we see their struggles and appreciate their care. ??
At HMHC this Mother’s Day ,10/05/20; we set out to spread some kindness to all mothers regardless of what social strata they belong to, through our I❤️MAMA cupcake giveaway and nose masks distribution. In Makepe Douala Cameroon, we took the streets to distribute over 100 cupcakes and 50 nose masks to local roadside sellers and petit trader mothers, encouraging everyone to stay safe, protect themselves, all while making them feel special and appreciated. ??
Happy Mother’s Day to all mamas! ??

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