2nd Sunday of May is celebrated as international Mother’s Day, a day dedicated to thanking mothers for their tireless efforts, contributions, unconditional love, and sometimes completely unnecessary sacrifices. Mother’s Day 2020, A Mother’s Day like no other! 💕💕

What would Mother’s Day be without a little sweetness and love ? But then again, what would Mother’s Day mean if only a select few get to celebrate and others don’t ?
In moments like these where everyone’s strength and resilience are tested, and especially mothers who have to play 1million and 1 roles; we want to say we see their struggles and appreciate their care. 💕💕
At HMHC this Mother’s Day ,10/05/20; we set out to spread some kindness to all mothers regardless of what social strata they belong to, through our I❤️MAMA cupcake giveaway and nose masks distribution. In Makepe Douala Cameroon, we took the streets to distribute over 100 cupcakes and 50 nose masks to local roadside sellers and petit trader mothers, encouraging everyone to stay safe, protect themselves, all while making them feel special and appreciated. 💕💕
Happy Mother’s Day to all mamas! 🙏🏾

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Women’s Day Our Way

Women’s day our way !!

Cognizant of the fact that our maternal and infant mortality rates are still not at optimum, and with our goal to promote infant and maternal welfare in Cameroon, Happy Mother Happy Child in collaboration with Young Mothers Initiative set out to celebrate international women’s day 2020 in a special way. This collaboration worked to ensure the over 216 mothers, women and children at the Mboppi Baptist Hospital in Douala Cameroon benefited of our unwavering support through donation of gifts such as basic hospital sanitary needs, baby diapers and encouraging pep talks to our patients. We believe that to successfully celebrate women’s month, we must equally take action to remove/reduce the barriers that threaten and limit women, girls and children from thriving and attaining their full potentials such as health and safety. We appreciate the effort and support of our volunteers and the hospital management in making this happen.

“To achieve an equal world, we have to ensure that the significant gaps caused by maternal and infant mortality are reduced, and push for better survival rates for women and children who are potential leaders. #EachForEqual welfare!”

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Did you know that CHILDREN IN AFRICA are still at high risk with HIV and AIDS? Over 80% of infected children live in Africa. At Happy Mother Happy Child, it is imperative that our education focuses on the role they play in our communities to fight this virus/disease. So we set out this year, to talk to children of ” THE EDGE BILINGUAL NURSERY AND PRIMARY SCHOOL ” Bonaberi, Douala who believe in the ability of their children to change the world.

Over 50 pupils participated in a POETRY COMPETITION Organized by Happy Mother Happy Child on the theme “End HIV and AIDS” and 3 of the kids emerged as winners.
The children discussed their fears, their knowledge on how HIV/AIDS can be contracted and we closed off by debunking the myths and stigma around it as well as how it can be prevented.

With over 200+ children sensitized, we believe they know they have a role to play in ending HIV.

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It all began sometime in October 2018, in the city of Douala, we had a phone call from one of our mothers, she was screaming, yelling and panting heavily. We could barely get a word from what she was trying to say all we kept hearing was “Mon fils, mon fils”, suddenly the phone went silent. After investigations we discovered her son suffered a seizure, she was confused and knew nothing to do, she panicked and further endangered the child’s life by putting items in the child’s mouth and did other wrong practices which unfortunately cost the child’s life.This left us devastated and pushed us to think of how we can work to prevent such catastrophic incident from ever occurring again. This let to the birth of the “EVERY SECOND COUNTS” program on the 13/10/2018, aimed at equipping Parents, youths and children with basic First Aid and CPR skills. Its been 1 year we pioneered our program, from home visits, to awareness campaigns across different cities in Cameroon, to hands on practical training sessions, to going digital through online trainings. In a country like Cameroon where access to health care and emergency response is a struggle, it is important for civilians to be armed with life saving skills which they can use to provide timely and useful assistance as need be. One became two, then three and here we are on thousands and counting. We are grateful for the results we are achieving one step at a time.Together we will be a brother’s keeper and stamp out preventable deaths in Cameroon. #firstaid #who #EverySecondCounts #CPR #HMHC #ILoveMama

International Day of the Girl child 2019

International Day of The Girl Child 2019
Just like MAMA, It is the DAUGHTER who makes the HOUSE a HOME . On “International Day of the Girl Child”, we call on all parents to Empower their GIRLS for a better world.
She should be raised to have the mind of a champion!
She should be taught never to settle for mediocrity! Nurture her! Love her!
And you’ll see the positive ripple effect on humanity!
— GirlForce: Unscripted and Unstoppable


CSO Connect Cameroon First Edition , September 1, 2019

Happy Mother Happy Child is changing the narrative one mother at a time, one child at a time and of course… one network at a time ! We were thrilled to pioneer on the first ever CSO CONNECT in Douala CAMEROON, bringing together people from various milieus to share ideas on how to build sustainable partnerships. Our goal on September 1st 2019, together with our partners to this event ; Green farmlands , Manda Foundation, IBAfrica, and Brokers; represented by Atim Mbah, Tabit Sandra , Primos M Kenah @Achobom Kenyu and ourselves Ngweka Queen , Velveeta Viban was to create a platform where organizations (Non profit and profit ) can develop strategies that are mutually inclusive and beneficial for community development.
The CSO Connect hence opens up a platform for all organizations to network, partner, share best practices and opportunities that respond to the challenges we all face. The participants came from different fields such as Social Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, volunteers, students and civil servants. It was a great turn out and everyone left enriched and ready to foster change.
We are motivated to ensure that this CSO network grows beyond boarders and create a collaborative force to be reckoned with in Cameroon. To be able to join this network we urge you to follow our page CSO Connect


Are you a young Entrepreneur , Do you run an NGO, FOUNDATION or any form of CSO? CSO Connect is an opportunity for you to meet like minded change makers, connect to build Networks that Work. Join us on the 1st September 2019 at the Top Rank Plaza Bonaberi, Douala. Lets come together and know who does what. Together we will Build Sustainable Partnerships, #SDG17. Register here


“Every Second Counts”
Happy Mother Happy Child and GREEN Farmlands Partnered with the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders Cameroon to implement the Alma Mater Outreach Project Douala under the theme “Every Second Counts”.

With the students facing crossroads at every other turn and unable to choose what’s best for them due to a lack of insight into how things would actually materialize with each road that they choose to take, it becomes crucial that they get advice from people who have faced the very same crossroads in their student life and the big bad competitive world beyond it.

The Alma Mater Outreach uses Alumni of the YALI with their vast repository of personal and professional experiences/exposure to help improve insight among students into so many diverse aspects of life which include academics, entrepreneurship, extracurriculars, the professional life after college or the general way of life.
On Tuesday 21/05/2019, Atim Mbah founder of @Green Farmlands and Ngweka Queen founder of Happy Mother Happy Child both Alumni’s of the Mandela Washington Fellowship with support from volunteers like Martha A. Besong and Primos M Kenah championed the Alma Mater Outreach program in College Laval Douala under the theme “Every Second Counts”. They targeted lower sixth students in the college. The Alumni’s shared their stories how they got involved in Social entrepreneurship and community development, they shared their experience and knowledge from the Mandela Washington Fellowship and how the fellowship improved their skills and the various problems they are solving in their communities. The students were drilled on how to get good mentors, volunteer and serve their communities. The fellows provided the students with the encouragement and insights they need to get a great start to their careers and begin to set a course for the future. Most importantly they were given entrepreneurship lessons and encouraged to think beyond school, because Every Second Counts. The students received in-depth explanations on US Exchange Programs and how they can apply and participate in these programs. A total of about 60 lower sixth students of the institution have been empowered to go out and use the long holiday and beyond to impact their communities and portray characteristics of Servant leaders. To crown the day, a Yali club was introduced in the school for the students to engage in upon their return from the long holiday.

ADOPT A GARDEN PROJECT “No Child Goes To Bed Hungry”.

Mandela Day calls on people from around the world to dedicate at least few minutes of their time to making a difference, its on this note that Happy Mother Happy Child decided to Collaborate on the Adopt A Garden Project by Green Farmlands to ensure that “No Child Goes to Bed Hungry”. Thanks to all our supporters and volunteers.

At the end of the day, a Garden comprising of crops like Okro, garden egg, okonghobong, huckleberry, pepper, mint etc was adopted by the team to ensure that children of the Arnille-Marie handicap center bonaberi Douala have food all year round. Teach a child to fish and it will never depart from him. In the spirit of Madiba, we pledge to make every day a Mandela Day. I am because we are, how can one be satisfied when others are hungry. Living our Mandela Legacy for Africa.