About Us

Happy Mother Happy Child (HMHC) is a community based Non-Governmental Organization which is out to reduce maternal and child mortality by working with Government, National and international organizations, the private sector, civil society and youth movements ensuring that women are at the center of economic development so they can have the opportunity to capably handle the challenges facing them, their children, families and communities at large.


HMHC believes in the power of women as global change makers and spring boards to achieving a sustainable economy and key factors to fighting maternal and child mortality. We aim at transforming the lives of women, educate and economically empower them leaving them to successfully and joyfully thrive so they can better raise successful and healthy children.

Children of an educated, financially stable, empowered and happy woman are two times more likely to survive and succeed than those of an uneducated, dependent, and unhappy woman. When a mother is happy her child is happier.