Ohhhhh Mama!!

Of a mother we all were born ,
And for mothers we set out to make the world a better place.

Doing so simply through:
One smile , One Life, One community.

On Mother’s Day Sunday May 12, 2019, the Mabanda Community in Douala, Cameroon was graced by over 40 “offsprings from mama” from three prolific youth-led organizations, HAPPY MOTHER HAPPY CHILD, Impact Bridges Africa and Manda’s Foundation who cleaned up litter and sensitized the neighborhood on the ills littering has on our environment and our health, particularly on the Health of Mothers and children.

To demonstrate our commitment to walking the talk , we celebrated mothers from around the area which included “buyam sellams”, petit traders, and even stay home super moms who have demonstrated nothing but self service and sacrifice over the years, by offering them FREE BIODEGRADABLE PAPER BAGS made from a heartwarming collaboration between fellow single mothers and IBAFRICA.

Last year, the HMHC team roled out the “Zero Litter for Mama’s Health” campaign through Bonamoussadi and Makepe area, and this 2nd phase in Mabanda is an indication that we are nowhere close to stopping this movement.

To all our wellwishers: We say, We are; because you are!
You are the reason why there is HOPE in the world.
Keep making MAMA proud!

MothersDay2019 #I♥mama

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