CSO Connect Cameroon First Edition , September 1, 2019

Happy Mother Happy Child is changing the narrative one mother at a time, one child at a time and of course… one network at a time ! We were thrilled to pioneer on the first ever CSO CONNECT in Douala CAMEROON, bringing together people from various milieus to share ideas on how to build sustainable partnerships. Our goal on September 1st 2019, together with our partners to this event ; Green farmlands , Manda Foundation, IBAfrica, and Brokers; represented by Atim Mbah, Tabit Sandra , Primos M Kenah @Achobom Kenyu and ourselves Ngweka Queen , Velveeta Viban was to create a platform where organizations (Non profit and profit ) can develop strategies that are mutually inclusive and beneficial for community development.
The CSO Connect hence opens up a platform for all organizations to network, partner, share best practices and opportunities that respond to the challenges we all face. The participants came from different fields such as Social Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, volunteers, students and civil servants. It was a great turn out and everyone left enriched and ready to foster change.
We are motivated to ensure that this CSO network grows beyond boarders and create a collaborative force to be reckoned with in Cameroon. To be able to join this network we urge you to follow our page CSO Connect

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