Did you know that CHILDREN IN AFRICA are still at high risk with HIV and AIDS? Over 80% of infected children live in Africa. At Happy Mother Happy Child, it is imperative that our education focuses on the role they play in our communities to fight this virus/disease. So we set out this year, to talk to children of ” THE EDGE BILINGUAL NURSERY AND PRIMARY SCHOOL ” Bonaberi, Douala who believe in the ability of their children to change the world.

Over 50 pupils participated in a POETRY COMPETITION Organized by Happy Mother Happy Child on the theme “End HIV and AIDS” and 3 of the kids emerged as winners.
The children discussed their fears, their knowledge on how HIV/AIDS can be contracted and we closed off by debunking the myths and stigma around it as well as how it can be prevented.

With over 200+ children sensitized, we believe they know they have a role to play in ending HIV.

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