The Question:
If you happen to witness a family member, friend or neighbour in an emergency state, would you know what to do? Do you know over 85% of Cameroonians don’t know what Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is and have no knowledge on administering it or FIRST AID ?
Although some Cameroonians say they would recognize the signs if someone were experiencing a heart attack or another life threatening emergency, fewer than half say they have the skills needed to help in common life-threatening emergencies. Continue reading “EVERY SECOND COUNTS”. BE A BROTHERS KEEPER


“Somebody helllllp!!!!!!” That’s how he/she screamed, nothing happened and the person ended up dead !

70% of out of home accidents and cardiac arrests leading to death can be prevented!  Are you always the helpless by stander at accident scenes ? This could be your parent , child, spouse , siblings and you would just watch them helplessly die? Without proper First Aid/CPR a simple injury /illness could turn into a lifetime regret.

Every Second counts! Every trained individual contributes to safer families, work environments and communities.   Join our FREE awareness event , Saturday Oct 13 2018 at Clinique Des Cites Makepe, Douala on the importance of FIRST AID and CPR .
Signed  HMHC team

“Zero Litter For Mama’s Health”

Statistically Cameroon is ranked 18th amongst the 20 countries in the world with second largest contributor to the maternal and under five mortality rate in the world. We discovered that One of the major causes of maternal mortality in Cameroon is poor environmental sanitation and waste disposal which leads to pollution, that directly affects maternal and child health and welfare particularly in urban cities. Poor environmental sanitation and waste disposal is not only the major cause of maternal and child deaths in Cameroon, which now stands at 690 deaths per 100,000 live births, but also a threat to Climate change. Continue reading “Zero Litter For Mama’s Health”

Our environment our health ! – ZERO LITTER

Health isn’t only what lives inside of our bodies but equally what resides outside and around us ! Look around you, what do you see ?

This Mother’s Day we are thinking “WHAT MAMA TAUGHT US” ! Now remember MAMA looking around you as a child. She made sure all harmful objects and substances were out of your reach or sight. So it’s our duty to transcend those learnings.

Join us in our significant gesture for all mothers around us, under the theme: “ZERO LITTER FOR MAMA’s HEALTH “ On Mother’s Day this Sunday May 13, 2018; we would be doing an open street clean up of all litter to trigger awareness on bad habits we have engaged in and we really would like you to join us ! We will provide : – Free safety equipment (gloves,Nose masks and jackets) – Tshirts available on request (please order by Thursday May 10th) Raise your hand ?? if you are interested in joining us. #I❤MAMA

Learn more about our project by downloading the pdf document below


Women are beautiful, women are strong ?? WOMEN’S HEALTH IS A HUMAN RIGHT.

Recap of our Women’s day Celebration !

considering that the 8th of March 2018 was commemorated as International women’s Day and World Kidney Day as well “Kidneys and women’s Health” Happy Mother Happy Child in Partnership with ATANGA KIDNEY FOUNDATION decided to merge both events and organize a kidney awareness talk with student Doctors from the university of Douala sensitizing women and girls in the Makepe- Douala locality on how to protect and care for their kidneys. kidneys and Womens Health Press for progress World Health Organization UN Women time for change I Love Mama US Embassy Youth Councils Inc. Atlas Corp.

We are celebrating “MOTHERS” this Valentines Day, February 14th 2018.


For a mother’s love is the purest of them all. Grab a tshirt for your mother, wife, Aunty, mother in law etc Available in M L and XL White and Black colours. 5000frs each.

Grab a t-shirt for yourself too and get the opportunity to join our team pay a visit to the maternity section of the Acha hospital Bepanda- Douala come, February/14/2018 to share love with new born babies and mothers as a means of fighting Maternal and Infant Mortality. Let Love Lead. Happy Mother Happy Child.

]❤ #ILoveMama


Who said ” Girls Rock” ? – YES we do believe girls rock!


In commemoration of the International Day of the Girl child this October 11, 2017; under the theme : The power of the adolescent girl vision for 2030;  we believe that our girls will accede positions of leadership in a statement of their power! We believe that it is every mother’s dream to see their children succeed and that just like them, they too were only just girls and today’s girls will be mothers someday too.


About Us

Happy Mother Happy Child (HMHC) is a community based Non-Governmental Organization which is out to reduce maternal and child mortality by working with Government, National and international organizations, the private sector, civil society and youth movements ensuring that women are at the center of economic development so they can have the opportunity to capably handle the challenges facing them, their children, families and communities at large.


HMHC believes in the power of women as global change makers and spring boards to achieving a sustainable economy and key factors to fighting maternal and child mortality. We aim at transforming the lives of women, educate and economically empower them leaving them to successfully and joyfully thrive so they can better raise successful and healthy children.

Children of an educated, financially stable, empowered and happy woman are two times more likely to survive and succeed than those of an uneducated, dependent, and unhappy woman. When a mother is happy her child is happier.