Ohhhhh Mama!!

Of a mother we all were born ,
And for mothers we set out to make the world a better place.

Doing so simply through:
One smile , One Life, One community.

On Mother’s Day Sunday May 12, 2019, the Mabanda Community in Douala, Cameroon was graced by over 40 “offsprings from mama” from three prolific youth-led organizations, HAPPY MOTHER HAPPY CHILD, Impact Bridges Africa and Manda’s Foundation who cleaned up litter and sensitized the neighborhood on the ills littering has on our environment and our health, particularly on the Health of Mothers and children.

To demonstrate our commitment to walking the talk , we celebrated mothers from around the area which included “buyam sellams”, petit traders, and even stay home super moms who have demonstrated nothing but self service and sacrifice over the years, by offering them FREE BIODEGRADABLE PAPER BAGS made from a heartwarming collaboration between fellow single mothers and IBAFRICA.

Last year, the HMHC team roled out the “Zero Litter for Mama’s Health” campaign through Bonamoussadi and Makepe area, and this 2nd phase in Mabanda is an indication that we are nowhere close to stopping this movement.

To all our wellwishers: We say, We are; because you are!
You are the reason why there is HOPE in the world.
Keep making MAMA proud!

MothersDay2019 #I♥mama


We are truly honoured to have worked hand in hand with Toumbi Safety, Medical Practitioners, and First aid trainers to train our First batch of Life Savers with First Aid and CPR Skills as well as equipping them with First Aid Kits.

It was a day marked as a success in awaking the consciousness and building the skills of about 30 participants on First and CPR at the National Youth Council Yaounde. We also educated them on their limits as First Aiders and how to move a victim from an accident scene in cases where ambulance services are not available.

Remember First Aid Skills does more than help save lives, giving appropriate first aid immediately can help to reduce a person’s recovery time and make the difference between the patient having a temporary or long term disability.

Our First Aid Training program started in Yaounde and ran for 2 days from the 22-23rd March 2019 at the end of which the participants were tested and accessed qualified to provide assistance to victims before medical services occur.

We are Calling on you to join us in the fight to reduce mortality ratio in Cameroon arising from PREVENTABLE CAUSES.
Register now with Happy Mother Happy Child, get trained, certified and equipped to Save lives. A trained individual contributes to safer communities, work places and homes. #BeABrothersKeeper.
Thanks to The Pollination Project and Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders for supporting us kickstart this Training. We hope to train and equip at least 1000 Cameroonians with First Aid & CPR Skills and well equipped first aid kits by the end of 2019.

Tell someone about First Aid and CPR #EverySecondCounts . Tag them aswell. You might be saving a life.

We celebrate our First batch of Life Savers and encourage more youths, parents and pupils in Cameroon to join the fight against preventable deaths in our communities.

FREE screening for Breast cancer, Cervical Cancer, Hypertension and Diabetes and Family Planning.

Cancer is Preventable, Cancer is Treatable if only you are diagnosed early and know your status. Cancer may be scary, but Cancer screenings are not. Screening means checking your body for cancer prior to or at the sight of any symptoms.

The world is gradually becoming a place where our Health must matter. The only way to choke Cancer is to do your screening and know your status. Because Happy Mother Happy Child Cares about the Health and Wellbeing of Mothers and Children, this 2019 and beyond, we say NO more preventable deaths. NO mother should die of a preventable disease.
In response, we are partnering with the Cameroon Institutes of Health (CIH) Medical Center and ProFam to offer FREE screening for Breast cancer, Cervical Cancer, Hypertension and Diabetes and Family Planning.

👉🏾Saturday 19/01/2019 through Thursday 24/01/2019 at the CIH Medical Center Logpom, Douala, Cameroon, behind ecole le Papyrus, from 8:am to 4:pm.
Early detection saves lives. Check your Health and maintain your wealth. Come lets learn more about Cancer, self examination, prevention, most important get screened for “FREE”.
We hope to screen at least 500 people. With you in mind; Together We Can Choke Cancer.



Happy Mother Happy Child joins the world to commemorate the World AIDS Day.

On December 1st each year Happy Mother Happy Child joins the world to commemorate the World AIDS Day. AIDS is a chronic and potentially life threatening condition caused by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). About 36.9 million people are living with HIV in the world and only 21.7 million people are receiving treatment . 1 in 4 people with HIV do not know that they have it.
More than 600,000 people in Cameroon live with HIV, Out of every 100 HIV positive people in Cameroon, only 47 know their status. In the early stages, HIV has no symptoms, the only way you can know is to do your HIV test…Get tested and know your status. Considering that Happy Mother Happy Child is out to promote maternal and Child health and wellbeing, in commemoration of the 2018 World Aids Day, we organized a Garage Sale under the theme “CLEAR YOUR CLOSET TO SUPPORT MOTHERS AND CHILDREN LIVING WITH HIV/AIDS” where we did auction sales to raise funds to support Mothers and Children Living with HIV/AIDS. In the course of the Sale, Hospi Mobile, an Organization that works to ensure universal health coverage for all carried out a Free HIV/AIDS Screening.

This gave opportunity for people in the Makepe community to get free HIV/AIDS screening and know their Status. About 300 people were tested, out of which about 150 were women and girls, and about 20 children. Together we will build a healthy and wealthy environment for mothers and children. I Love Mama.



The Question:
If you happen to witness a family member, friend or neighbour in an emergency state, would you know what to do? Do you know over 85% of Cameroonians don’t know what Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is and have no knowledge on administering it or FIRST AID ?
Although some Cameroonians say they would recognize the signs if someone were experiencing a heart attack or another life threatening emergency, fewer than half say they have the skills needed to help in common life-threatening emergencies. Continue reading “EVERY SECOND COUNTS”. BE A BROTHERS KEEPER


“Somebody helllllp!!!!!!” That’s how he/she screamed, nothing happened and the person ended up dead !

70% of out of home accidents and cardiac arrests leading to death can be prevented!  Are you always the helpless by stander at accident scenes ? This could be your parent , child, spouse , siblings and you would just watch them helplessly die? Without proper First Aid/CPR a simple injury /illness could turn into a lifetime regret.

Every Second counts! Every trained individual contributes to safer families, work environments and communities.   Join our FREE awareness event , Saturday Oct 13 2018 at Clinique Des Cites Makepe, Douala on the importance of FIRST AID and CPR .
Signed  HMHC team

“Zero Litter For Mama’s Health”

Statistically Cameroon is ranked 18th amongst the 20 countries in the world with second largest contributor to the maternal and under five mortality rate in the world. We discovered that One of the major causes of maternal mortality in Cameroon is poor environmental sanitation and waste disposal which leads to pollution, that directly affects maternal and child health and welfare particularly in urban cities. Poor environmental sanitation and waste disposal is not only the major cause of maternal and child deaths in Cameroon, which now stands at 690 deaths per 100,000 live births, but also a threat to Climate change. Continue reading “Zero Litter For Mama’s Health”

Our environment our health ! – ZERO LITTER

Health isn’t only what lives inside of our bodies but equally what resides outside and around us ! Look around you, what do you see ?

This Mother’s Day we are thinking “WHAT MAMA TAUGHT US” ! Now remember MAMA looking around you as a child. She made sure all harmful objects and substances were out of your reach or sight. So it’s our duty to transcend those learnings.

Join us in our significant gesture for all mothers around us, under the theme: “ZERO LITTER FOR MAMA’s HEALTH “ On Mother’s Day this Sunday May 13, 2018; we would be doing an open street clean up of all litter to trigger awareness on bad habits we have engaged in and we really would like you to join us ! We will provide : – Free safety equipment (gloves,Nose masks and jackets) – Tshirts available on request (please order by Thursday May 10th) Raise your hand 🤚🏾 if you are interested in joining us. #I❤MAMA

Learn more about our project by downloading the pdf document below


Women are beautiful, women are strong 💪🏾 WOMEN’S HEALTH IS A HUMAN RIGHT.

Recap of our Women’s day Celebration !

considering that the 8th of March 2018 was commemorated as International women’s Day and World Kidney Day as well “Kidneys and women’s Health” Happy Mother Happy Child in Partnership with ATANGA KIDNEY FOUNDATION decided to merge both events and organize a kidney awareness talk with student Doctors from the university of Douala sensitizing women and girls in the Makepe- Douala locality on how to protect and care for their kidneys. kidneys and Womens Health Press for progress World Health Organization UN Women time for change I Love Mama US Embassy Youth Councils Inc. Atlas Corp.